Netherlands Said to Seek EU Withdrawal

AJC’s UN Watch has a scoop: Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen affirmed to his parliament’s foreign affairs committee today that he seeks EU withdrawal from Durban II. This comes in advance of Monday’s EU ministerial meeting in Brussels. Verhagen reportedly said:

The document is unacceptable. … My red lines are: religion is misused to stand above individual rights. There should be no excuse in the text to condone violence against homosexuals, anti-Semitism and Israel-bashing. … I am actively involved in the matter. There will be no compromises regarding principles. I am aiming for a joint withdrawal of all EU ministers, unless the document is not changed. If this does not succeed, then I am not afraid to unilaterally withdraw from Durban. Principles come first.

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2 Comments on “Netherlands Said to Seek EU Withdrawal”

  1. David Lindenbach Says:

    For all the talk of anti-semitism and the Durban conference, has anyone actually read the first Durban statement? There is nothing controversial, slanderous, or even remotely critical said about Israel or Palestine. Israel is mentioned twice:

    Declaration 63 – “We are concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people under foreign occupation. We recognize the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and to the establishment of an independent State and we recognize the right to security for all States in the region, including Israel, and call upon all States to support the peace process and bring it to an early conclusion”

    Translation: Palestinians have a right to self-determination and Israel has a right to security. Doesn’t sound controversial to me…

    Declaration 151 – “As for the situation in the Middle East, calls for the end of violence and the swift
    resumption of negotiations, respect for international human rights and humanitarian law, respect for the principle of self-determination and the end of all suffering, thus allowing Israel and the Palestinians to resume the peace process, and to develop and prosper in security and freedom”

    Translation: All states involved should stop fighting, start talking, and respect international law and human rights. Sounds good to me.

    So why are we boycotting this??

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